Process Flow Chart

Process Flow Chart

At Praveen Aroma, we follow stringent quality norms as per the industry standards. Our quality control process has evolved over the years, we have following three stages before any material is shipped out from our manufacturing plants.

Incoming material inspection:

All raw materials is directly sourced from identified farmers, each incoming material shipment is assigned an internal job number. The material than goes for the lab testing and corresponding lab reports are maintained before issuing it further for processing.

In Process quality control

Our well documented quality checks governs the production process, we take our raw material through the process of multi purification. Sensitive equipments are linked with computers to ensure the consistency in the quality of our end products.

Final Inspection

All product destined to the customer are inspected and verified to assure conformance with the customer specification. Records of inspection are maintained verifying that the inspection criteria has been met.

Control of Quality Records

Quality records are maintained which demonstrate the achievement of the required quality and the effectiveness of the operation of the quality system.


We use international standard packaging material for packaging of our products. Fibre Drums are used for dry products and liquids and oils packed in Galvanized Drums.