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Praveen Aroma is recognized for Menthol & Allied Substances. Standing with a research motivated and top quality focused organization, we produces and markets organic menthol, fragrant oil, important oil, pepper mint oil, raw menthol oil, important fragrant oil and terpene chemicals. Praveen Aroma is one of the well known manufacturers and exporters for menthol. We are stick to time limited supply, aggressive costs, customer care and personal customer interaction; concepts that have seen it stand in good stead with its clients. Being officially sound and offering of a highly experienced and devoted staff it has obtained all objectives set up to now. As an organization we considers in integrating clients and causing their success. The popularity of our Menthol and great natural oils is amazing. It contributes a tang the quality to all it variations. Mint is in great demand for flavor confectioner, bubble gum, cigarettes and toothpaste. Moreover, it is used in ointments, shampoos and conditioners and a variety of beauty products. Menthol is also used as an important advanced in the development of Anti-aid large drugs & their use is increasing. We are extremely pleased to claim state-of-the-art plants verifying to worldwide requirements.

Why Praveen Aroma ?

With the growing desire to accomplish higher growth, we welcome technical partnerships, joint projects and worldwide trading through ideal alliances with MNC and global management. Our operating purpose is to accomplish total customer care. Simultaneously, we also endeavor to offer effective and reliable products at most huge discounts within planned time. The power behind this passionate approach is our pursuit to serve clients with the most devoted and expertly. In addition, we have a nationwide advertising and marketing network in Indian with a vivid team of trained and inspired professionals.