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Praveen Aroma plays key role in giving shake-hand to no-profit organization. Apart from just making money we are leading in the field to give some new area of support to social platform. We stand with both great corporate entity and corporate social responsibility leader. At the sage of expansion, we are motivating our workers are in a way that they are able to give their best in company as well as make themselves better for better corporate social entity.

Child growth support: We contribute in education of child as well as their better growth. Our support is for both underprivileged children and children of our support staff. We serve them carefree childhood and for the education domain we are running “Gyan deep mandir” and with pride we can say that our step has educated more than 400 children every year.

Employment: Our contribution is also avail for all who have completed successful studies. We stand with some enthusiastic staff who is giving their best for better employment. As a highly motivated platform for our staff, we are dealing to serve role as active member of Orphanage. We also sponsor for educational & functional needs. We would like to inform that apart from just getting success as corporate platform we are taking part in NGO as well as running in the name of “Sambhal teertha parikarma samiti”.

So, Praveen Aroma is following its responsibility for social platform in a way that that motivate other corporate entities to give their share and make the next generation more powerful for the nation. We are also giving our share to empower women strength by supporting them on each and every platform.