Our manufacturing units are situated in:

Unit 1: Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh
150 Km. away from Delhi and Appx 4 Hours driving from Delhi.

Unit 2: Bazapur, Uttrakhand
200 Km. away from Delhi and Appx 5 Hours driving from Delhi.

Both the factories are equipped with all the latest machines and technology to produce quality Menthol Crystal, customized Mint Oils and other Mint Derivatives. We have integrated facilities for production, quality testing, product packaging and storage facilities, which assist us for the timely execution of entire business requirements.

Processes and operations at both locations are controlled from our Sambhal office, which acts as a nodal point for all production and dispatch planning for the company. 
Sambhal factory is our flagship factory and is equipped to produce high value products like Cis-3-Hexenol. This site has land area to cater to our future expansion plans – for increased production of Menthol and other essential oils.

Our manufacturing strength lies in our new and efficient facilities equipped with state-of-the-art PLC controlled fractional distillation units, crystallization chambers and blending tanks – operated and maintained by a trained and well-experienced work force. While erecting our facilities we have decide to keep our processes simple and straight. However, what may appear to be a simple technology on the outside is actually smart on the inside – where it matters the most.

Proximity of our, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000 certified, factories to mint growing regions of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar enables quick access to raw material directly from farms. This reduces chances of adulteration in crude mint oil (a serious challenge today) and furthermore ensures quality of products.

Our products are registered with US FDA and European REACH. Our Sambhal facility is KOSHER and HALAL approved.

Bazpur unit has recently been expanded in Uttrakhand, for serving the industry better and delivering the best Mentha production as well as export service on global platform.

New unit is equipped with new and modern machinery incorporating latest improvement in the production technology for Menthol and its allied products. We have established our popularity as a business providing efficient & genuine substances and essential sebum and excellent services to the customers. Our entire business functions are expertly handled, which is assured by our team of highly certified experts from various professions.

Some highlighted point of new unit: